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Tron – Orion’s Take

Tron: Legacy is beautiful nonsense.  When the Grid pops out in 3D, when the light bikes explode in a glorious explosion of psychedelic colors, there is nothing in your head besides Daft Punk’s excellent soundtrack.

I’d love to expound on the merits and flaws of this film, but truthfully speaking this movie is nothing but fluff.  The graphics are incredible, as expected from a movie with a $175 million budget.  The acting is passable (with the noted exception of Olivia Wilde’s turn as Quorra, which is bad only because the script gave her no room to act), and after all, the great Jeff Bridges does a lot of the lifting (acting as protagonist and antagonist both).  The script is absolutely terrible, but hey, that’s not why you go to watch this movie.  One major minus is that the fight scenes are rather bad, however, as a fluff movie usually has to have some really good fight scenes.

But let me say that what saved this film from being a total waste of time.  First, I cannot explain to you how pretty this movie is.  Watching it in 3D was comparable to watching Avatar in 3D, and truthfully I preferred Tron.  Secondly, there is one sunset scene that contrasts perfectly with the darkness and pulsing neon lights of the Grid.  It occurs at the end of the movie, and acts as a kind of detox that allows you to walk out of the theater without a headache: a thoughtful touch that I appreciated after 2 hours of graphical chaos.

In the end, how much you will like this movie will depend on how much you like eye candy.  If it is just enough to withstand a ridiculous plot and half-hearted acting, this will be a treat.

3/5 Waffles


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