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“The spaces between the words are almost infinite” – on slow conversations in “her”

  • FILM_HerI heard great things about “her,” that it made you think, that it was a great film, etc.  I thought I had better watch it.
  • I love stories that have just a touch of science fiction to them – I feel that this expansion of rules allows for unique ways to probe old problems.  In this case, I felt like it wasn’t used to its full potential.  I thought it was funny how everyone in this future wore their pants quite high.  I also thought the idea of a surrogate partner was genuine and interesting, and also totally awkward.  I wish there could have been more explorations into the world of human-OS relationships.
  • Scarlett Johansson’s voice is perfect.  Apparently, the film was originally shot with Samantha Morton standing in a box; I don’t know how she would have sounded, but I do think that Scarlett Johansson did a great job.
  • While many of the conversations are touching and sweet, sometimes it feels like Spike Jonze was trying too hard.  Some of the dialogue feels forced and fake; at times, Samantha is overly naive, at other times, unexpectedly worldly.
  • The first half of the movie is very slow; I got so bored at one point that I stopped watching and went to do something else.  I eventually came back and gave it a second chance, because I wanted to see what would happen in the end.
  • Overall, 3/5 – some interesting ideas, but too much talking, too slowly.
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