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“Edge of Tomorrow”

edge-of-tomorrow-600x887Groundhog Day with a science fiction twist, that pretty much sums up “Edge of Tomorrow,” the most recent summer blockbuster.  I was really pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the movie, where Emily Blunt absolutely blows her role out of the park with just the right amount of emotion and kick-ass.   The beginning is a bit slow, it’s annoying to watch Cage (Tom Cruise) go through the confusion of repeating the day and failed attempts of trying to warn his fellow soldiers.  However, once he meets Emily Blunt’s character, Rita Vrataski, aka the Angel of Verdun, things improve significantly.   I remember first seeing Blunt in “The Adjustment Bureau,” which I hated.  However, she was much better in “Looper,” and is only even better here.  She understands his condition, and then they go through the days together.  The movie requires a great deal of belief suspension, as is the problem with a lot of time-travel movies – why didn’t they just take a ship the night before instead of fighting through the beach?  However, if we are willing to suspend our belief, the movie uses time travel in an interesting way, to explore the emotional toll it takes on Cage.  The best scene in the movie is the two drinking coffee in an abandoned house, when Rita realizes that they have been here before, and that Cage is simply stalling – we can see how he feels, and it’s a creative use of repeating days.

3.5/5 waffles.