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“On the edge of extinction” – X-Men: Days of Future Past

x-men-days-of-future-past-professor-x-posterjpg-0a5d50I have previously professed my dislike for Marvel movies, but when I remembered how much I enjoyed “First Class,” and so was excited to see “Days of Future Past.”  Of course, it was great fun to see reunited both the young and old versions of Charles and Erik, but that was the extent of the fun.  Unlike “First Class,” which devoted a great deal of time to developing the relationship between Charles and Erik, “Future Past” spends most of the movie running around, back and forth from the past to the future, completely focused on goals that made very little sense.  The premise is simple: in the future, mutants have lost the war, and so they must send Wolverine (conveniently, Hugh Jackson wins at being the most consistent actor) back in time to prevent one single event.  Everyone has decided that this single event is what changed the outcome of history, which of course is exactly how time travel works.  Ridiculous!  We find young Charles in a rut, and yet, just like that, he changes – this is again absurd; people don’t change so quickly, unless they are in a movie which has a two hour time limit and needs them to speed up a bit.  There are several new mutants that we are introduced to, which is always fun but again, dilutes the characters we already know.  Also, there seems to be a lot of unnecessary gratuitous violence with the repeated eaths of the future X-Men, most of whom we don’t even know that well.  Peter Dinklage plays the villain of the movie, a scientist bent on building anti-mutant machines, and though I love Tyrion, I felt his work here was nothing out of the ordinary.  Perhaps the greatest surprise was how much positive reception this movie has received – a whopping 91/95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

2/5 Waffles.