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“Always strive to elevate your craft” – on passion in Jiro Dreams of Sushi

jiro_dreams_of_sushi_xlgThis post is unique because here is an example of two of my passions colliding.  I have a food blog that I update much more regularly than this blog, and I plan to post about this film there as well.  However, as this is a film blog, I will focus more on the aspects unique to film, rather than my philosophy on food and restaurant experiences.  I thought the film was beautiful, with lots of slow motion and fast motion interspersed.  I thought the elegance of the food was captured visually, and the story behind the food only made it that much more lovely.  The film also utilized sound in a wonderful way – at times, the sounds resembled those heard on radio programs, full of auditory stimulation.  (Another great example of auditory stimulation is the short, Fresh Guacamole.)  I thought the interviews were interesting, but the camera always stayed a little too long on their subjects, as if waiting for more – perhaps all cameras do this in order to not miss anything, but are cut out in the final production.  In the case of this film, it lead to an uneasy feeling, a sense of nervousness.  Subjects occasionally glance up at the camera as well, unused to it.  Otherwise, the narratives with all the dealers – the tuna dealer, the shrimp dealer, even the rice dealer – as well as the details around the preparation of all the different types of sushi, really built up a beautiful story.  The difficult life of Jiro’s firstborn was especially tangible, communicated to the audience through small moments here and there.

5/5 – I highly recommend this film.